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Legitimate ways to avoid paying taxes do not exist anywhere in the world. However, with no tax optimization, without the selection of optimal mechanisms of economic activity, reducing tax burden, the company loses its competitive edge and is deprived of its earnings.

Taxation issues lie at the intersection of disciplines - civil, financial law and accounting. In our work we aim to work out the legal, accounting and tax aspects of each project. Special knowledge is also required to use of elements of international tax planning.

We provide the following taxation related services:

  • tax planning;
  • the use of international tax treaties and instruments;
  • analysis of the tax implications of various types of commercial transactions;
  • representing clients before tax authorities;
  • tax disputes resolution;
  • tax advice for companies and individuals;
  • preparation of tax statements and tax returns.

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Phone: +7 (343) 379-79-10,
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