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Accounting services rendered by the law firm, represent a unique fusion of professionalism in the field of accounting, as well as the experience and knowledge of the firm's lawyers, specializing in commercial law and the protection of taxpayers' interests in tax disputes.

We offer the following accounting services:

  • accounting for organizations and self-employed persons;
  • restoration of accounting records;
  • preparation of financial statements and its submission to the tax authorities;
  • development of accounting policies;
  • quarterly financial services (ideal for companies with a "zero" reporting, minimum number of operations and documents).


33 Radischeva Str., 3rd floor,
Ekaterinburg, Russia 620014
P.O. Box 398, Russia, 620014

Phone: +7 (343) 379-79-10,
+7(343) 379-79-11,
+7(343) 379-79-96
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